Protection against tear gas


Tear gas is actually not a gas, but consists of solid particles in suspension. The average diameter is 8 microns, larger than the 3 microns of most filters block, so an A-P3 filter is enough to protect your airways.

To check if the mask is properly adjusted, block the air inlet where the filter is located with your hand and check if you can breathe: if it is the case, air passes through the sides and the mask is not adjusted tightly enough.

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Protective goggles must be waterproof, to avoid the penetration of solid particles. However, it is better to take impact resistant glasses (risk of shots from rubber bullets), swimming pool glasses can cause damage by breaking.

film étirable manuel cast 15 microns 300 m x 450 mm

To protect themselves from skin penetration, some use plastic film, or put on gloves and waterproof clothing…

Extinguish pellets

Traffic cone
Pellet Trap
Campden tablets could be added to water for better efficiency

Post Exposure

After exposure, it is important to take a COLD shower to avoid opening of skin pores and letting the molecules in.
Clothing should be removed as soon as possible and then insulated or washed. In case of young children exposure, it may be useful to remove the clothes immediately and put on a survival blanket. Exposure should be minimized by removing contaminated clothing which may come into contact with the child, including that of adults nearby.

Post exposure products

We do not recommend the use of any of these products, we only list the products already used, recommended by some or existing.

CS is more irritating at high temperatures, and can only irritate in the presence of water (humidity, sweat, etc.). US soldiers use a decontamination technique which consists of drying the exposed area off, then applying decontaminant and washing it off.

In the field, many techniques have been developed, here are their advantages and disadvantages. We do not recommend the use of any of these products, and all drugs or medical devices should only be taken in the presence of a doctor.

Following exposure to tear gas, washing / rinsing using a Gaviscon® or Maalox® mixture with water in the presence of a doctor will reduce the burning sensation of the skin and mouth and prevent product penetration. An alcohol-free cleansing wipe can be used to remove as much product as possible from the skin. However, in case of excessive application, these products are irritants.
The use of Dacryoserum® in the presence of a doctor will only serve to dissolve the product in the eyeball, but in no case will prevent its penetration.
If rinsed with water, it must be cold in order to avoid an opening of the pores which would favor penetration of the product. The skin should be rubbed without irritating it. This action is to be carried out at the end of the day. Do not use soap at first. Take the opportunity to rinse your mouth and throat (by gargles) and eyes. Also rinse hair thoroughly before using a mild shampoo.
Eye and skin washed with Diphoterine® in the presence of a doctor, an aqueous solution containing amphoteric salts are recommended by some and rejected by others. Two views clash because, according to certain industrial hygiene specialists and certain chemists, this neutral pH product does not contain any particular or special products which can prove its usefulness.

Post-Cyanide exposure

To prevent risks due to exposure to cyanide by CS gas metabolism, André Picot, a famous french chemist, gave us dietary advice

The elements below are used in large quantities by the body to get rid of cyanide produced by the metabolism of CS gas, which ultimately leads to deficiencies and fatigue. We have completed the initial list of recommended foods. You can recover these elements by a simple and natural means: alimentation:

SULFUR: parsley, radishes, leeks, beans, lentils all foods containing natural sulfur garlic, onion, shallots, chives, cabbage, turnips, tap water, mineral water (especially those containing sulfates), wines (sulfites)…

B12: good quality calf’s liver (without hormones) meat, milk, kidneys, brewer’s yeast, edible seaweed, cod liver oil (in order of importance in intake: liver, caviar, mackerel, oysters, herring, beef , trout, tuna, sea bass, emmental, camembert, egg, plaice, fresh cottage cheese).

COBALT: cobalt food supplement in organic stores

In addition, when after manifestation you present extreme fatigue for several days, it may be useful to follow these dietary recommendations:

ZINC AND SELENIUM (anti-fatigue): broccoli, hazelnuts, nuts, almonds, chocolate, oysters, grilled wheat germ, veal liver, braised beef, dried shiitakes (mushrooms), grilled or oven-roasted squash seeds, crab, lentils, tartar or raw ground beef